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Pet Pillows

Pet Pillows



Elaine's Pet Pillows are now made to be 100% wash and dryable! The material used in all beds is pre-washed and dried before cutting.  The outside cover can be washed and dried on a regular setting and can be vacuumed in between washings.

The liners are now made with a zipper so you can take the foam cubes out. Just put the cubes in a mesh laundry bag, and run the bag through the washer and dryer. The bags I use are 24 x 36 and it works best when you only fill them 3/4 of the way full.  You can fit 2 bags in a regular sized washer and dryer at once, so it will take 2 loads to do a large bed.  The foam will float, so make sure when your washing cycle starts, you push the foam down so it's completely covered under water.  It comes out like brand new! I also have just washed and dried the foam cubes loose without a bag, but that only works for top loading washers.  You can now purchase a new liner separate to update your old bed.  After washing, make sure the corners of the pillow are aligned with the corners of the cover to get it to re-stuff properly.            


Pet Pillows come in a large variety of colors, patterns and different types of upholstery materials as well as furs and fuzzy fleece.  Please call or email me to see what is currently in stock.  Match your furniture, your dog or just get crazy!  Velboa fur, Minky Crushed Cuddle and Minky Rose Swirl is the most durable for the diggers because it has some stretch (there is a $10 surcharge for minky fabrics because its double the price per yard compared to other options).

Do you have a different style bed that you like but just need a new inside for it?  Send me the cover and I can custom make a zippered lining, then fill it with my foam cube stuffing.

 Prices and Sizes

X-Large: Large Greyhounds, Great Danes

 40” wide x 50” long ---------------------$130

Cover Only --------------------------------$65

Zippered Liner only---------------------$30

Large: Greyhounds, Dobermans, and Labs

* Best Seller *

35” wide x 45” long ----------------$105

Cover Only ------------------------- $55

Zippered Lining only ---------------$25

 Medium: Pugs, Shitzus, Shelties

30” wide x 40” long -------------------- $85

Cover Only -------------------------------$45

Zippered Liner only----------------------$20

Small: Terriers, Italian Greys, Yorkies, Cats

22” wide x 30” long --------------------$45

Cover Only -------------------------------$25

Foam Cubes Only (filling)

$16 per box 

                  (3 boxes fill an XL, 2.25 fill a Large and 1.5 fill a medium)

 Ordering and Payment

To place an order call Elaine at 724-266-5996, email or go to my Contact Me page with specific color(s) and size requests. Custom orders available upon request in either a rectangular or square shape.  Circular designs not available. 


I appreciate your patience in allowing 3-4 weeks to complete your order.  Pet Pillow making is done in my "spare" time in the evenings after work.  I do not have any employees, so every stitch is hand made personally by me.  Hand cutting the foam cubes is very labor intensive, which is why these beds last for so long.  Thank you so much!

Cash, check and Paypal now accepted but checks are my preferred method of payment.  All major credit cards accepted in person.  Please make checks payable to Elaine’s Pet Pillows (there is a $30 returned check fee).  PA sales tax not included in the above prices. 

 Some Satisfied Pet Pillow Customers!


If you have a cute picture of your pet enjoying an Elaine's Pet Pillow,

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